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Mar 17

Anonymous said: Is the song 'Monticello, IN' in any way related to Indiana Beach?

not particularly.  I wrote that song a really long time ago while I was in Monticello, IN which is why we called it that.  Indiana Beach is very close to Monticello and I have been there a few times though.

Feb 3



Acidic Tree//Engine Haus//2.1.2014

this was fun?



Acidic Tree//Engine Haus//2.1.2014

woah thanxxx Mary!

Jan 9

Alex has a new band!

Alex plays in a new dark pop punk//powerpop band with Gooey from Dowsing and some other folks!  check them out!

Dec 17

Anonymous said: You should come to MN, please!!?

we were in Minneapolis this past summer and it ruled!  who knows when we will tour out there again but hopefully someday.

Nov 27

Anonymous said: You guys are great! Entered into a list of 5 bands pop punk in a zine I do here in Brazil, although you sounding to me today much more than pop punk. "Dead on our Feet" is a perfect album!

thanks so much!  any chance we could buy a zine from you?  would love to see it.

Nov 7

chumzzz said: Ages ago you released a demo song on MySpace called "I'm gonna buy me some teenage rebellion" could you please, for the love of everything, put it on an album?

that song will never see the light of day, but I could send it to you if you really want it.

Nov 5

Anonymous said: so no more music that sounds anything like 'dead on our feet' ? No complaints on the new stuff. Just sound like a completely different band. forever boneless demos are ruling so hard! but it fucking sucks not getting to here a progression of the sound you were encompassing on DOOF.

A couple of those demos lean on the heavier side of us, but on the full length there will a mix of the darker sounding stuff, as well as some poppy stuff that made up a lot of DOOF.  If you like DOOF, hopefully you’ll dig the full length.

Anonymous said: new song is sewwwww gewwwddd yessssssss

thank ya!

Anonymous said: New tunes soon?

here’s some demos for songs that will be on our full length “forever boneless”.  maybe recording this winter?  who knows.

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